Frat brothers rape 300% more. One in 5 women is sexually assaulted on campus. Should we ban frats?



maybe I’m just ignorant, but fraternities have always just seemed like a breeding ground for subhuman scumlords to me

Yes, let’s get a bunch of privileged assholes together under one roof and give them ties to the school that would make it impossible for them to be held accountable without damaging the reputation of the university. What could go wrong?

I will say this: I’ve never heard about this shit coming out of black fraternities. Not to say that it hasn’t or wouldn’t, but it’s always some pasty piece of shit who looks like he was reverse generated from a meme about scumfucks.

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I like her eye and the beauty spot.

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they both look a little nervous about what the other one might write

then just the biggest smiles when they are reassured yet again how much they just love each other

I’m actually jealous rn

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少女漫画 〜 ももてぃんこ

Shoujo manga 〜 ももてぃんこ

Okay, we’re gonna do a shoujo manga. 

No one else is on here. 

I wish we could just keep riding on, just the two of us. 

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社会人の足取り 会社に行く時vs帰り道 #hokuto #社会人 #来た時よりも美しく 〜 ほくぴー

The way that working adults walk  When going to work vs the way home #hokuto #workingadult #morebeautifulthanwhenIgothere 〜 ほくぴー

The way that working adults walk, when going to work:

On the way back:

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if i had a dime for everytime an adult man made me feel uncomfortable


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a new zine called shitty horoscopes that i’ll be premiering this year at the Toronto Queer Zine Fair, among other things! hopefully i’ll make volumes available for online purchase soon. credit where credit is due: this was inspired by the huge number of made-up horoscopes floating around tumblr lately, and angry-poems.

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follow the white rabbit | dana lopez by christoph wohlfahrt for to2w

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I feel like very few, or at least not many of the people of tumblr are aware of what is going on in my home country Hong Kong right now.

You guys gave alot of coverage and support when Scotland was voting for its independance, so I’m hoping you’ll all support the people of Hong Kong as well.

Right now, many of us are in a mass demonstration of pro-democracy against China. But wait a sec, isn’t Hong Kong China? This is a big misconception amongst foreigners, but please, we are far from being similar to China at all.

A little history class: Hong Kong used to be colonized by the British, and before you white-knights begin going all “them damn white racist ppl taking over another asian country” please don’t. We are thankful Britain took us under its wing and instilled in us values that I feel made us what we are today; that is, a democratic people with respect for free speech, amongst many things.

On the other hand, China is communist, with government controlled media and news. Google, instagram, facebook and many tv shows are blocked in China. It really is just a few steps from North Korea imo.

So what’s the problem here? Britain unfortunately had to hand back Hong Kong to China, but one of the requirements is that Hong Kong be allowed to operate as ‘one country two systems’, meaning Hong Kong should be able to have its own democratic government. But China has broken its promise. A while back, China tried to put a mandatory ‘national education’ curriculum in all our primary schools. We all know what that is; a communist brainwashing regime. And now, they have announced that in 2017 Hong Kong will be able to vote for its president; BUT only from 3 candidates hand picked by its PRO-BEIJING legislation.

As you can see, China is trying to takeover completely and turn us into another communist state.

Of course, we have taken to the streets. In a mirror if the Tiananmen protests, students have also stepped up to fight for our rights and our future, albeit in a peaceful protest of course. But the police force who have always been a friend of the people, are now responding with force, something that had never been done before in Hong Kong.

First it was pepperspray, then teargas. Then, armed forces came in qith rubber bullets. They warn they will come out with live ammunition soon if we do not get off the streets but the people continue to sit tight, disrupting businesses China so strive to takeover and make use of. It’s been 2 days now, but the people plan to continue at least till 1st October or even beyond. The significance is that October 1st is China’s National day, not ours, Hong Kong has not been granted it’s own National day.

Please spread the news. This is a country we’re talking about. These are my people.

You can join this event to wear yellow in support of my people on October 1st.

You can also read a more detailed explanation of what’s going down here and watch a live feed here.

I’m from Hong Kong, I love my city. She need help now.

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ゲームキューブ#擬人化 〜 アッKぃー

GameCube #humanised 〜 アッKぃー

Ahh, I wish I could become human…

I’ll grant that wish for you.



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暑い時。彼氏の前VS友達の前 〜 Reika Oozeki

When it’s hot. In front of my boyfriend VS in front of friends 〜 Reika Oozeki

When it’s hot.

In front of my boyfriend:

Oh, it’s hot, isn’t it?

In front of my friends:

It’s damn hot! My foundation’s coming off!!

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